HALOTEQ Launches Website and Social Media

Posted on August 11, 2011 by TEQ Department

SPARKS, MARYLAND – HALOTEQ Technology is known for using innovative techniques when it comes to developing customized information technology strategies, and in an effort to share these techniques with a larger set of decision-makers, the Maryland-based firm has launched a new set of tools to communicate and discuss the type of IT products and services that can help businesses grow.

“Our goal is to bring next-level, cost-effective, information technology to small and mid-size businesses. However, too often, what prevents businesses from investing in new technologies is a lack of knowledge on the true benefits of a long-term solution,” said Michael Goff, HALOTEQ President and CEO. “Through our outreach strategy, we will explore the array of best practices that exist for industries – ranging from regulated financial services to education – to teach and prepare businesses on what they need to know to compete.”

HALOTEQ brings the commercial-minded CIO perspective to businesses by focusing on sustainability, eliminating the need for full-time, in-house IT. With strategies that address cloud-computing, telecommunications, virtual desktops, data recovery and more, HALOTEQ takes every aspect of a business into account and develops a strategy that makes sense. To help accomplish this, HALOTEQ has redesigned their website – www.haloteq.com – to be the primary hub for learning about the products and services that have placed HALOTEQ above its competitors. Additionally, through pages on Facebook, Twitter, HALOTEQ will share with fans and followers the latest IT industry trends, opinions on those trends and original content, as well as allow current and future clients an additional channel to communicate with the qualified HALOTEQ staff.

To follow any of the HALOTEQ pages, please click on the links below:

“At HALOTEQ, the bottom-line is that we are redefining managed services,” Goff continued. “Our philosophy is based around reviewing all aspects of a business and transforming the way they operate by streamlining and eliminating costly capital investments. Through these new channels, we aim to bring forth a level of subject matter expertise unseen in the industry,”

HALOTEQ is built as a one stop shop for all business technology needs, and uniquely positioned to outsource the entire IT function, while giving the business a major upgrade in technology capabilities. Beyond cost and technology management, the company works with each client to align their business and IT goals and objectives with a clear mission: Improve business productivity and agility, while reducing operational costs and risks.

The company was founded by former Fortune 1000 COOs and CIOs with years of experience in technology and business management as developers, suppliers and buyers of a vast array of technology and business services.

For more information on HALOTEQ, please visit www.haloteq.com